Habit Tracker Reflection

We started doing daily habits because we wanted to build our brain strength. The benefit to planking and having a daily habit tracker is building the brain strength to complete a 3:00 or more plank. I think this assignment is beneficial because now that I have done this daily habit it will be easier to do a new one. I noticed that it got less and less hard to plank because I was building that strength through the weeks. 

A challenge that I overcame while planking was taking breaks or going to the side during my plank. It’s not bad to take a break but I needed to push through more. I also needed to record myself better because I often forgot over the weekends. Some progress I made when I was planking was that I started  at 30 seconds and now I can do a 5 minute plank. Some feelings I have about this is hardworking because I tried my hardest to do this daily habit every day. 

My new habit is singing every day. I chose this because I was trying to decide between the things I loved to do. My other options were reading for 40 minutes a day. I already had the opportunity to read because of my homework assignments so I do that every day so I chose singing because I have room to improve in that subject. I like singing because it makes me feel focused.

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