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Habit Tracker Reflection

We started doing daily habits because we wanted to build our brain strength. The benefit to planking and having a daily habit tracker is building the brain strength to complete a 3:00 or more plank. I think this assignment is beneficial because now that I have done this daily habit it will be easier to do a new one. I noticed that it got less and less hard to plank because I was building that strength through the weeks. 

A challenge that I overcame while planking was taking breaks or going to the side during my plank. It’s not bad to take a break but I needed to push through more. I also needed to record myself better because I often forgot over the weekends. Some progress I made when I was planking was that I started  at 30 seconds and now I can do a 5 minute plank. Some feelings I have about this is hardworking because I tried my hardest to do this daily habit every day. 

My new habit is singing every day. I chose this because I was trying to decide between the things I loved to do. My other options were reading for 40 minutes a day. I already had the opportunity to read because of my homework assignments so I do that every day so I chose singing because I have room to improve in that subject. I like singing because it makes me feel focused.

Window to Mirror?

The book I recently finished is called The Okay Witch by Emma Steinkellener. This book is a window for me because the book is fiction. A window book is a book that doesn’t really relate to your life in particular. Another reason this book is a window in my opinion is that the main character is a witch. I also think this book is a mirror. A mirror book is like the opposite of a window book, it is a book that relates to you in some way. It is a mirror book to me because The main character in the book is new to the school she is going to. That relates to me because I am new to my school. I think it would be very fun to be a witch and that’s why this book is so interesting to me.

My Backpack


In the book Finding Someplace the main character, Reesie, packs a backpack to bring during hurricane Katrina This is a great book I read over the summer by Denise Lewis Patrick. In the image below, I have a backpack full of objects I think I would need during a situation like this. First, and in the lower pocket I packed money. I brought the money in case I needed to buy something or if my card wasn’t working.  I have my phone and a letter. My phone was included along with a letter. Because I might need to contact someone during the hurricane. 

 In Finding Someplace, Reesie also brought her phone like I did. I would bring a mask for protection and a knife for the same reason. I brought a lighter in case I needed fire or warmth. In the bigger pocket, I packed water, chips, Hershey’s chocolate, a blanket, clothes, a flashlight, a first aid kit, and a book. I included water chips and Hershey’s chocolate because I will need food to survive. I brought a blanket and extra clothes in the bigger pocket because I will need to stay warm. Also, I wanted a book for entertainment. On the edge of the bag, I put a neck pillow with my name on it for comfortable sleeping. These are all of the things I would need to pack in my bag just like Reesie did in the book Finding Someplace.